About Green Coast Real Estate

Green Coast Real Estate has grown steadily from our first development in 1993.

Our Business

Established in 1993 in the UAE, Green Coast Real Estate has over three decades of real estate investment and experience around the globe.

The company develops, acquires, and manages an investment portfolio with a specific focus on Sustainability and net zero carbon business which is deeply embedded in the group’s DNA.

When adding to our portfolio, we seek out properties that have opportunities for future improvements toward achieving our ESG strategies.

Along with the investments GCRE through its subsidiary Green Coast Facilities Management, manages a high-quality portfolio of over 500 units throughout the country. These assets include residential apartments, villa compounds, warehouses, labor camps, office space, retail outlets, and agricultural plots.

Green Coast Real Estate is part of Green Coast Enterprises, a private group family-owned business Founded in 1977, commercial activities include Manufacturing, Investments, Real Estate, and Trading.

Our People

GCRE Along with its subsidiaries consist of a team of over 30 highly skilled professionals with a range of skills to ensure we generate a sustainable long-term value for our stakeholders.